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HSE PCR Test Appointment Alerts

01 January, 2022
- 1 min read

The HSE PCR Test booking portal does not have enough appointments for the demand of people looking for PCR tests. Many people are refreshing…

Create a self signed certificate with OpenSSL and export to PFX

11 September, 2020
- 1 min read

I’ve needed to create a self signed certificate on a few occasions and had to google-fu the commands each time. Here’s some commands for…

Moving an MKPointAnnotation in Swift

02 April, 2018
- 3 min read

If you've been working with MapKit, you may have had to go about moving annotations from one point to another. It's easy to simply remove an…

Connecting to a Cisco RV345 PPTP VPN from MacOS

02 March, 2018
- 2 min read

Apples MacOS no longer supports a PPTP VPN client directly from the System Preferences app. All that can be found online are premium apps…